Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CUPA Bangalore's blog featuring Pets for adoption

I'm sure CUPA is not new to many of you...

For my friends & all animal lovers in Bangalore, I refer CUPA's blog & its section on Pets for adoption - this section features all their pets that are ready for adoption in a healthy condition and this section is also been updated very frequently.

Please forward to your friends too...the blog would really be informative & helpful for anyone who wants to take home a new family member :)

Also check out CUPA's website for more information

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Is your Cat Sick? - Article in last week's Metro Plus

Check out my article in last wednesday Metro Plus


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bangalore March for Dogs (Sunday Aug 16)- pls inform friends in Blore

Forwarded Message:

MARCH FOR DOGS” from 10am onwards. Followed by our 3rd “PUPPY ADOPTION CAMP”back AT KARUNA OFFICENEAR CUBBON PARK, KASTURBA ROAD, 12 AM TO 5.00 pm, SUNDAY THE 16th aug ’09.Tears unseen, Pain unleft, Millions of lives around uncared, unnoticed and Ignored …Its "TIME" to "BE HEARD"! COME SPEAK UP FOR THEM.....Come join "OUR MARCH FOR our INDIAN DOGS".Show that you care....and get as many people as you can..!THIS TIME AROUND WE WISH TO MAKE A BIG BANG!Support us in anyway u can...LETS UNITE FOR OUR INDIAN DOGS!!!They deserve it.........Don't they???Be there for THEM!Lets live together is promoting the concept of people adopting homeless pups then buying dogs through Project "life on the street". Project "life on the street" is a tribute to all the not so fortunate pups who don't find homes mainly because they are born (homeless) on the street.Lets Live Together's actions have contributed to finding homes for more than a 1000 abandoned and distressed street pups.We believe that ADOPTION would definately help in solving the street dog issue, sensiblily.We strive our best to ensure that every pup which has found its way to Lets Live together gets a good home and a loving family.Do check our blog here : www.letslivetogether.wordpress.com , mail us at letslivetogether.in@gmail.com

After the grand sucess of our previous adoption camp....We now wish to save a few more lives once again.The Sunday 'the 16th aug 2009' Lets live together is conducting its 3rd puppy adoption camp. The camp will hold 20-25 Cute , Completely Vaccinated Healthy homeless pups for adoption and raise funds through special ‘Lets Live Together’ merchandise which will be on sale. Proceeds from the sale of our merchandise will support our future adoption camps, awareness programs and all our puppy work.Come Fill a small form and take home a Completely Vaccinated , Healthy pup.They Deserve to live too ...Give them a chance.We look forward to having you join us. Your support will make a huge difference to spread more awareness.BE THERE on Sunday 'the 16TH aug 2009' between 9.30am to 5.30pm at BSPCA office space , CUBBON PARK near the aquarium, Kasturba rd , opp Mahatma Gandhi Statue.Call : 9845380748, 9945546013, 9986413916 for more detailsHey guys PLEASE sent this to as many people as u can..!Paste it in al the communities u can think of HELP spread the word, so that we get more people to adopt these puppies.If these pups don't get adopted they aLl wil have to go back on the street!PLZ HELP!

GUYS HELP US FIND HOMELESS PUPPIES! IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY PUP ON THE STREET HOMELESS [About 3 or less than months old ], take it home and foster it tiil the event and get to the camp..!BUT DO INFORM US WHEN U FIND A PUP SO THAT WE CAN KEEP A COUNT ON THE PUPS FOR ADOPTION. You can help our Project in a number of ways:SPONSOR/DONATE or Help get SPONSORS Help organize the events Help Advertise in Radio, newspapers, Tv , net and in every media posible. Fundraise for thr event Foster a pup at your home for a while til adoption. Adoption counseling Cleaning and feeding the pups Following up on adoptions Put up posters all over the city
Thank you,
Achala Paani [09986413916] letslivetogether.in@gmail.com

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Well Dog Show on August 30th


Are you the proud owner of an all-Indian dog? If yes, get ready to show off your best friend of the four-legged kind at the Blue Cross Well Dog Show – celebrated every year as the dog show with a difference. The dogs have unique personalities, are a mixture of various breeds and have heartwarming rescue and adoption stories to tell. And the event is also a tribute to their companions- people who’ve chosen to take in an animal in need, regardless of their non-pedigree parentage. In fact, Indian breeds (also known as mongrels) are known for their robust immune systems that make them less susceptible to illnesses. Their fur coats are also perfectly suited to Indian climatic conditions and these country dogs live long and healthy lives.

The show highlights the lovable qualities of a dog that are observable even when they’re just being themselves. This means no ‘tricks’, performances, obstacle courses, jumping through hoops or unnatural hand-shakes. The coveted titles at this annual show include “Best Rescue” (for a dog with a fascinating rescue story), “Survivor Award” (for a pet who has triumphed over a serious accident or illness) and random fun titles like “The Dog with the Waggiest Tail”.

As Dr. S. Chinny Krishna, Chairman of Blue Cross puts it- “Our objective is to demonstrate our pride in our All-Indian dogs”. Certificates, gift hampers, freebies and medals will be doled out to the dogs and their companions. While there are special categories of prizes for dogs with the rarest spots or best-maintained fur coat, anyone who has participated in the Blue Cross Well Dog Show knows that their dog is already a winner.


Date: August 30
Time- 3 to 5 pm
Venue- CPR Centre, Eldams Road
Entrance Fee- None
Rules- Dogs must be on leash at the event. Non-pedigree dogs only
Contact- Mark, Blue Cross Volunteer- 9840463520.
Sathya, Blue Cross Volunteer- 9789096602
Email bluecrossdogshow@gmail.com to register your dog.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hero of the week :)

Hero of the week nomination in metro plus today :)
Check it out !!!


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