Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So many new acquaintances today !!!!! - thanks to The Hindu article !!!

I'm really surprised to see the overwhelming response for the article published in today's Hindu....

Jay, Padmaselvan, KrishnaPriya, Roshini.....It was nice talking to them, glad to know their attitude towards pet love, helping animals...At times I think the society has become too busy to be considerate towards animals..irritated to see people shooing dogs & cats that does no sin except sleeping in a shady place in their garden....but, am consoled when I come across people like a few with whom I spoke today....I really feel glad to have acquired new friends today...One thing that I found common in all is their readiness to help the animals.."Feel free to knock my doors whenever you need any help" - End of the day that alone give makes me happy..I'm encouraged, and our animals too have so many supporters whom they can rely on !

Thanks to all who expressed their interest to help animals, Thanks to all who encourage me continuously, Thanks to those who got in touch with AWPT and extended their support and help...Thank you all...

Another request to people who comment on my blog - Please leave your email IDs or contact numbers so that I can get in touch with you...I couldn't track the same thro my blog. If you are concerned about the privacy, pls drop a note @, I'll get in touch with you !


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Article in "THE HINDU"

HI all,
Check out my article that got published in today's Hindu (dated 27th May). In print edition, its in the pet pals column.Here is the online link !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, May 22, 2009

New request from AWPT

Hi All,

Am back with a new request this time...
AWPT has rescued a lot of animals recently and as a result, their food needs have also considerably gone up.
Especially lots of Pups & kittens who just live on milk, milk & milk alone !!!!!
They are in need of additional milk packets, preferably milk powder which can be stored and used for some more time.
If any of you are interested in feeding the tiny tots, please call Mrs. Padmavathy @ 22781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790.
They will collect it from you upon a call !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take Woofus Home - Prize Changed to a Life-sized stuffed toy of woofus

Hi all,

Following the controversies regarding the 'take woofus home' contest, landmark has changed their offer, the prize is now a stuffed toy of Woofus...
Thanks to whose who wrote..
Thanks Landmark a lot for respecting our feelings & considering the appeal..
Please drop in a thanks note to the landmark people..

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Explanation from Mr. Lijin Thomas of Landmark....lets wait for the final decision !!

Following the 'Take Woofus Home' I discussed earlier, I wrote to Mr. Lijin Thomas - Head of Marketing of Landmark, who has replied my email as follows

Dear Mahalakshmi,
We sincerely appreciate your concern. We have taken precautions to ensure the Puppy is given the best care. Terms and conditions of the promotion clearly communicate (in posters / entry forms) that the winner will be decided only after assessing the capability of the winner to take care of the puppy in the best possible way.

But since we have received quite a few mails raising the same concern, we will be reevaluating this promotion with the concerned publisher on Monday 18th May 09. We assure you that we will surely take the concerns raised very seriously and will re-work the promotion. Please accept our sincere apologies for hurting the sentiments of many our valuable customers.

Thank you
Lijin Thomas

Thanks for his response, Lets hope for the considerate results.

Will keep you all posted on this

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

‘Take Woofus Home’ contest - Heights of Unethical promotion !!

It is really atrocious on part of Landmark-Tata group to roll out a promotional campaign like this !!!!

Titled "Puppy Love", this is their press release today (pasted below)- it appeared in The Hindu Metro Plus - Saturday May 16.

Puppy love

Take home a Labrador pup

If you love puppies and books, here’s something to interest you. Landmark and Think Big Books organise a contest that allows you to take home a chocolate brown Labrador pup! The contest closes on May 25.To participate in ‘Take Woofus Home’, you have to buy any book in the “Woofus” series, featuring an inquisitive puppy that asks a lot of questions, from any of the Landmark stores in the city, and complete the slogan “I deserve to take Woofus home because.…”. The Woofus series is a set of five picture books for pre-schoolers, written by Reena I. Puri and illustrated by Savio A. Mascarenhas. The winner of the best slogan gets to take home the pup during a book launch on May 29 at Landmark, Citi Centre at 5 p.m. This would be followed by a dramatised book reading.For details, call 2847 7777
There is nothing to wonder if Landmark soon announces "Get a baby free for baby care Books"...
Are puppies meant to be given away as "prize"?
If people prove to be really committed towards growing a puppy, they can walk in to any animal shelter and take home one, not getting one as a free addition for some books.
These promotions literally change the attitude towards animal welfare and I wish Animal Welfare Board tightens its rules so as to avoid these kind of Unethical promotions. Earlier a pug was harassed for a different promotion and now its time for Lab???

Please call the number or write to, and asking them to call off the contest and to treat dogs as companion animals as opposed to prizes won at a bookstore


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pets for adoption....Here we go !!!

As promised, this week on, you can check out for "pets for adoption" column.

I'll be updating this every week or every fortnight max..

Please spread a could show them a great place to live.

This week, 3 cute puppies are ready for adoption (check the snaps)...If you like to take them with you, Please call Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT @ 044-22781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790.


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy


What those rescued pups are upto??????


Ofcourse enjoying their stay at AWPT !

Well fed by Mrs. Padmavathy, happy & healthy they are...getting ready for adoption in next two weeks???

look at these photos :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ramu.. A chocolate lover

Ramu is a cute little monkey rescued by AWPT sometime back..Poor little monkey lost his eyesight when he fell down from the tree. He was abandoned by his own mother :(

Ramu is now been treated at AWPT, If any of you like to see Ramu, please pay a visit to AWPT.

Don't forget to take some cadbury chocolates with you..he just loves chocolates :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Two New Puppies rescued

This morning was really a good morning for me :)
Just to recover from my laptop mania, I decided to wake up early for a morning walk today (on Sunday !?!)...Of course I started too with my mom...

On my way, I saw two Tiny (believe me...really tiny) puppies on the road..I searched for their mother dog, she was not around. I checked with the residents nearby about the puppies, they said that they were lying on the road for the past two days and mother dog had abandoned them. I waited for about 30 Minutes for their Mom's arrival, my wait was successful, at last the mother dog came. I fed the mother dog and tried leaving the puppies to her, she gave them a kick and went off..Very sad to see a Mother abandoning her own puppies (I realised little later...Today happened to be the Mother's day). I was in a dilemma whether to take the puppies and handover to AWPT or leave the puppies there for another day , by any chance mother could feed them? I never hesitated to rescue any pup, but the reason for my hesitation then was the condition of those two puppies...Too tiny they are, I was very doubtful whether they can eat independently..Of course Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT has rescued even the just born puppies and fed them with a feeding bottle, but I was quiet hesitant..
At last I made up my mind to take them with me, I gave a call to AWPT immediately. Meanwhile, I tried feeding them, to my surprise, both of them literally fell in to the milk bowl and drank so quickly ...poor puppies, I dont know when they were fed last...To my surprise, Mrs. Padmavathy herself came home and took them. But they are not ready for adoption yet, it will take 15 more days for them to become little self sufficient. Anyways I felt bit releived after handing over the puppies to the right person.
and my morning know what I'm doing now :) sitting with my laptop to share this with you.....
Check out their snaps :)
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Big Thanks to those kind hearts !!!!!!!

I Just heard from Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT about the overwhelming response to the appeal..... They have almost got around 10 fans now, hope the need will really be fulfilled by this weekend max...I must thank Ergo Once again in this regard, and also to you who listened to my appeal....This energises me....
Spl thanks to Deepa, Pakshi & Ben for their swift response :)
Thanks again...Thanks a lot :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You Ergo !!!!!!

My heartfelt thanks to ERGO - a chennai based magazine for youth & special thanks to Ms. Sriya Narayanan , for publishing my appeal. My appeal regarding Fans & Camera for AWPT has been published in today's Ergo. I'm sure this is going to fetch a lot of responses !!!!
Here is the link

Thanks again,

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pets for Adoption !!!!

Are you looking for adopting a puppy or a kitten or any other pets??
Are you a animal lover or a animal welfare activist?
If yes, I would welcome you to Animal Welfare & Protection Trust (AWPT) , chennai.

This veterinary hospital cum shelters is run by Mrs Padmavathi & Mr Narasimmamoorthy, an old couple who has dedicated their lives to animal welfare. Their main aim is to prevent cruelties perpetrated on animals, particularly stray animals and creating public awarness that animals have also a right to live in this world and deserve to be treated in a humane manner. Towards this objective they have taken up animal welfare activities such as rescue and treatment of animals in distress, abandoned animals, animals involved in accidents particularly homeless or stray dogs and cats. Their rescued animals include birds, monkeys, rabbits and even snakes.

Please Visit for better understanding..

AWPT also gives pups & kittens for adoption.

I will be updating this blog very often and also post photographs of pets for adoption every week....please keep watching my blog for more updates on pets adoption..

Please feel free to contact AWPT at 04422781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790 for your adoption or other Animal welfare activities.

Once again I welcome all of you !!!!!!!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Help us with a Camera??

Dear All,

Am back with a new request now !

A lot of adoptions are happening that's a real good news. Unfortunately, their digital camera was stolen from their shelter a week ago. They used it to take rescue photos for proof (as and when they were happening) to send to the government while asking for funds and also to send pictures to papers for adoption columns every week, which helps speedy adoptions...

AWPT would be grateful to receive a phone camera/digicam which is second-hand or not being used by the owner. She only needs a basic model as the pictures are mostly taken in daylight from close quarters. If you wish to donate one/refer anyone who will be willing to do the same, please donot hesitate to contact

Mrs. Padmavathi @ 044-22781381
or me at 9940026283.

AWPT will collect the camera from you upon a call, so please donot worry about the transporation....



Am a fan of Animals.....but now in need of Fans for them - A special request !

Dear all, Am back with a special request...on behalf of our animals..

I've been associated with AWPT (Animal Welfare & Protection Trust, Chennai), a veterinary hospital cum shelter serving abandoned and sick animals. Please visit for more details about us.

Everyday nearly 100's of abandoned & stray animals are treated fhere for various illnesses. AWPT has now extended their hospital space by constructing extra sheds so as to accomodate more needy animals. They are in need of some new/old unused ceiling fans (in working condition) for their vet hospital. Since the summer is at its best in chennai, the animals that have underwent surgery & are treated for other illnesses would really need a fan for little relief and speedy recovery..

Am sending this appeal on behalf of our animals. If any of you have any extra unused fans or if you know any kindhearted people who may be willing to donate fans for this noble cause, please let me know.

You can contact, Mrs. Padmavathy788 (New No. 3/140), Kalaingar Karunanidhi Street, Santhoshapuram,(Velacherry - Tambaram Road),Chennai - 601 302,TamilNadu, INDIA. Phone:04422781381/ 9962968265/ 9941597790 or alternatively contact me (9940026283).

Please donot worry about the transportation, AWPT will collect it from you as soon as you give them a call, wherever you are in Chennai. Please spread a word to all animal lovers you know.

Thank you all....
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy