Friday, October 16, 2009

An Animal shelter in Coimbatore needs support - Please spread a word

Dear All,

I received this is as a forwarded appeal, thought this is something that requires immediate attention of animal lovers, especially people in Coimbatore

Abhayam Foundation, (registered trust) an Animal welfare organisation, functioning at Coimbatore is been run by Mr. Ravichandran & his wife who work tirelessly for the needy animals.

Needless to talk about the difficulties faced by the Animal Welfare Organisations, Abhayam is not really exceptional. Mr. Ravichandran deven gone to the extent of selling his house, which indeed is another difficulty for him to find a rented home for himself & his animals. We even come to know that he even buys water for daily use since he lives in a very remote area where is there is no electricity & water facilities. He was a recipient of the Jury's special award from Venu Menon animal allies foundation in the year 2006.

Ravichandran is in dire need of funds to continue his noble service, this is an appeal requesting people to help him immediately financially or whatever forms possible.

I feel it is the responsibility of animal lovers to help these kind of organisation grow, I request interested volunteers who can work for the same, we'll put our heads togather to help Ravichandran- financially, physically, all possible ways for Abhayam to progress? With the help of a genuine co-ordinator in coimbatore?

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Few More Days

I Know I didn't care for my blog for quiet sometime now...
Have got a good news to tell you all...
soon....very soon...
keep your fingers crossed :)