Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please Spread a Word for the Cause

Hi all,

Here is another forwarded appeal from Lets Live Together - Bangalore.
Lets Live Together has comeup with a calendar for the new year 2010 through which they are hopeful to help thousands of homeless puppies find a nice home (more than which, a nice heart).
If any of you knows anyone/any corporate interested in animal welfare, this will help Lets Live Together to a great extent.
You can get in touch with Achala at 09986413916 to place your order.
Read the message below for more information.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Time to grab some cuuuute 2010 calendars......and save homeless puppies:

Hello greetings from Lets Live Together! New year is round the corner..and Christmas is gonna be here soon..its time again for the season of love, colours and gifts..Lets Live Together brings to u a gift full of hope, joy and love for ur dear and near ones...we received fabulous response last year for the calendars. Again this year, Lets Live Together 2010 Calendar's are out.The calendar is full of puppies who have been adopted through Lets Live Together. Who’s lives have changed forever, We are hoping you would support us by buying our Calendars for the New Year to come and help us spread the message of “Joy in Saving Lives” to a larger audience..With each calendar u buy u would help us "save a life".

You could cal 09986413916 to order.

The price of each calendar is Rs 200/- A perfect gift for awaiting the new year Inclusive of courier.Calendars are available in bangalore but could be couried to any location requested.Show Your support for the Homeless Puppies. “You Support can make Miracles Happen”.The money raised will help us save many many more homeless puppies and get them adopted!

do check our blog out to knw more about the work we do for our Indian dogs..Join, support, sponsor us!
http://www.letslivetogether.wordpress.com/ or write to us at letslivetogether.in@gmail.com to place ur order.

please spread the word to as many people as u can Lets Live Together is a volunteer helpline in bangalore, formed to help homeless, helpless dogs. The helpline finds homes for homeless pups. Our aim is help humans and animals live in harmony. Humans play an important role in deciding the fate of animals.A service that strives to communicate effectively with people to reach a large number of pups in distress. Ensuring that every pup that finds its way to Lets live together gets help. We have initiated Project “life on the street”, it portrays the life of dogs on the street. ”Our Indian dogs” . We are into Pup adoption and Public awareness.We rescue pups, conduct adoption camps and awareness programs and put up stalls at public gatherings.
please spread the word to as many people as u can

Thank you,
Achala Paani [09986413916]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AWPT has launched a new website!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this not a much awaited news for you readers???
The clue I gave you all last week????
AWPT has successfully(?!) launched its new website http://www.awptrust.org/ on 4th November, 2009.
I now tend to believe that things that faces a lot of hurdles during the initial phase is sure to yield the best results as what is normally expected out of it !
It was really a good experience for me to coordinate this project, am very much happy & satisfied with the outcome.
No one could have done this so well except Clasticon Solutions, I wish to record my sincere thanks to everyone who stood by me during my tough times :-)
Please check out the site & let me know your valuable feedback!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, October 16, 2009

An Animal shelter in Coimbatore needs support - Please spread a word

Dear All,

I received this is as a forwarded appeal, thought this is something that requires immediate attention of animal lovers, especially people in Coimbatore

Abhayam Foundation, http://www.abhayamfoundation.com/ (registered trust) an Animal welfare organisation, functioning at Coimbatore is been run by Mr. Ravichandran & his wife who work tirelessly for the needy animals.

Needless to talk about the difficulties faced by the Animal Welfare Organisations, Abhayam is not really exceptional. Mr. Ravichandran deven gone to the extent of selling his house, which indeed is another difficulty for him to find a rented home for himself & his animals. We even come to know that he even buys water for daily use since he lives in a very remote area where is there is no electricity & water facilities. He was a recipient of the Jury's special award from Venu Menon animal allies foundation in the year 2006.

Ravichandran is in dire need of funds to continue his noble service, this is an appeal requesting people to help him immediately financially or whatever forms possible.

I feel it is the responsibility of animal lovers to help these kind of organisation grow, I request interested volunteers who can work for the same, we'll put our heads togather to help Ravichandran- financially, physically, all possible ways for Abhayam to progress? With the help of a genuine co-ordinator in coimbatore?

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Few More Days

I Know I didn't care for my blog for quiet sometime now...
Have got a good news to tell you all...
soon....very soon...
keep your fingers crossed :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CUPA Bangalore's blog featuring Pets for adoption

I'm sure CUPA is not new to many of you...

For my friends & all animal lovers in Bangalore, I refer CUPA's blog & its section on Pets for adoption - this section features all their pets that are ready for adoption in a healthy condition and this section is also been updated very frequently.

Please forward to your friends too...the blog would really be informative & helpful for anyone who wants to take home a new family member :)

Also check out CUPA's website for more information

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Is your Cat Sick? - Article in last week's Metro Plus

Check out my article in last wednesday Metro Plus


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bangalore March for Dogs (Sunday Aug 16)- pls inform friends in Blore

Forwarded Message:

MARCH FOR DOGS” from 10am onwards. Followed by our 3rd “PUPPY ADOPTION CAMP”back AT KARUNA OFFICENEAR CUBBON PARK, KASTURBA ROAD, 12 AM TO 5.00 pm, SUNDAY THE 16th aug ’09.Tears unseen, Pain unleft, Millions of lives around uncared, unnoticed and Ignored …Its "TIME" to "BE HEARD"! COME SPEAK UP FOR THEM.....Come join "OUR MARCH FOR our INDIAN DOGS".Show that you care....and get as many people as you can..!THIS TIME AROUND WE WISH TO MAKE A BIG BANG!Support us in anyway u can...LETS UNITE FOR OUR INDIAN DOGS!!!They deserve it.........Don't they???Be there for THEM!Lets live together is promoting the concept of people adopting homeless pups then buying dogs through Project "life on the street". Project "life on the street" is a tribute to all the not so fortunate pups who don't find homes mainly because they are born (homeless) on the street.Lets Live Together's actions have contributed to finding homes for more than a 1000 abandoned and distressed street pups.We believe that ADOPTION would definately help in solving the street dog issue, sensiblily.We strive our best to ensure that every pup which has found its way to Lets Live together gets a good home and a loving family.Do check our blog here : www.letslivetogether.wordpress.com , mail us at letslivetogether.in@gmail.com

After the grand sucess of our previous adoption camp....We now wish to save a few more lives once again.The Sunday 'the 16th aug 2009' Lets live together is conducting its 3rd puppy adoption camp. The camp will hold 20-25 Cute , Completely Vaccinated Healthy homeless pups for adoption and raise funds through special ‘Lets Live Together’ merchandise which will be on sale. Proceeds from the sale of our merchandise will support our future adoption camps, awareness programs and all our puppy work.Come Fill a small form and take home a Completely Vaccinated , Healthy pup.They Deserve to live too ...Give them a chance.We look forward to having you join us. Your support will make a huge difference to spread more awareness.BE THERE on Sunday 'the 16TH aug 2009' between 9.30am to 5.30pm at BSPCA office space , CUBBON PARK near the aquarium, Kasturba rd , opp Mahatma Gandhi Statue.Call : 9845380748, 9945546013, 9986413916 for more detailsHey guys PLEASE sent this to as many people as u can..!Paste it in al the communities u can think of HELP spread the word, so that we get more people to adopt these puppies.If these pups don't get adopted they aLl wil have to go back on the street!PLZ HELP!

GUYS HELP US FIND HOMELESS PUPPIES! IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY PUP ON THE STREET HOMELESS [About 3 or less than months old ], take it home and foster it tiil the event and get to the camp..!BUT DO INFORM US WHEN U FIND A PUP SO THAT WE CAN KEEP A COUNT ON THE PUPS FOR ADOPTION. You can help our Project in a number of ways:SPONSOR/DONATE or Help get SPONSORS Help organize the events Help Advertise in Radio, newspapers, Tv , net and in every media posible. Fundraise for thr event Foster a pup at your home for a while til adoption. Adoption counseling Cleaning and feeding the pups Following up on adoptions Put up posters all over the city
Thank you,
Achala Paani [09986413916] letslivetogether.in@gmail.com

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Well Dog Show on August 30th


Are you the proud owner of an all-Indian dog? If yes, get ready to show off your best friend of the four-legged kind at the Blue Cross Well Dog Show – celebrated every year as the dog show with a difference. The dogs have unique personalities, are a mixture of various breeds and have heartwarming rescue and adoption stories to tell. And the event is also a tribute to their companions- people who’ve chosen to take in an animal in need, regardless of their non-pedigree parentage. In fact, Indian breeds (also known as mongrels) are known for their robust immune systems that make them less susceptible to illnesses. Their fur coats are also perfectly suited to Indian climatic conditions and these country dogs live long and healthy lives.

The show highlights the lovable qualities of a dog that are observable even when they’re just being themselves. This means no ‘tricks’, performances, obstacle courses, jumping through hoops or unnatural hand-shakes. The coveted titles at this annual show include “Best Rescue” (for a dog with a fascinating rescue story), “Survivor Award” (for a pet who has triumphed over a serious accident or illness) and random fun titles like “The Dog with the Waggiest Tail”.

As Dr. S. Chinny Krishna, Chairman of Blue Cross puts it- “Our objective is to demonstrate our pride in our All-Indian dogs”. Certificates, gift hampers, freebies and medals will be doled out to the dogs and their companions. While there are special categories of prizes for dogs with the rarest spots or best-maintained fur coat, anyone who has participated in the Blue Cross Well Dog Show knows that their dog is already a winner.


Date: August 30
Time- 3 to 5 pm
Venue- CPR Centre, Eldams Road
Entrance Fee- None
Rules- Dogs must be on leash at the event. Non-pedigree dogs only
Contact- Mark, Blue Cross Volunteer- 9840463520.
Sathya, Blue Cross Volunteer- 9789096602
Email bluecrossdogshow@gmail.com to register your dog.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hero of the week :)

Hero of the week nomination in metro plus today :)
Check it out !!!


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo Session at AWPT....a day worth spent :)

I've been to AWPT on Sunday for a photo session for our new website..

I didn't update you on the status is it?? The previous commitments on the website design didn't turn out well...We are now looking at new teams who have come forward to take up the task..wish we launch the website soon :)

coming back to the point, the sunday session was really fun-filled and that's the day I understood the seriousness & the difficulty of running a animal welfare organisation...

While Ramu was driving us crazy without posing for the photos, there are a couple of dogs who always feel excited about posing..they are so excited to see the cameras, lovely animals...check out their snaps...you'll know its true :)

We spent four full hours in photo session...so memorable it was for me :)

I even happened to witness a few emergency cases treated by AWPT's doctors...Guys...i felt bad about myself for seeking rest on sundays :) These doctors work tirelessly 24x7 for animals..God Bless them!!
Check out a few snaps of the occasion
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

I will miss you 'Ergo" :(

longtime no see :) long working hours...no walking..no exercises, no blogging....today I decided to return home early as Kappa started missing me so much :)

oops...I have a bad news...real bad news for people like me..
Ergo is shutting doors, 31st july would be the last day it seems :) The magazine has anyways promised an online presence..but nothing satisfies like a print edition :) as well, not sure about the sections that would be retained in the online version, am really unhappy about this :(

Ergo's contribution towards AWPT's visibility is simply undeniable...A lot of appeals & requests have reached people and brought more volunteers to AWPT. Ergo helped people like to me to improve their writing skills, no articles sent to ergo remained unpublished. It has been a main source of encouragement for chennai youth to write more...

Anyways, I wish Ergo for a successful online presence and I also request the management to allocate sufficient space for pet columns, this serves the animal welfare community to a greater extent :)


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Article in Metro Plus :)

Check out my article in today's Hindu


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sundaran....my best pal....

Just wondering how these animals develop such a strong bond with us so quickly...

its just few days now since sundaran came in to my life and it is really melting to see this little monkey's trust and affection :)

Am happy...check out the recent picture of myself with sundar taken today :)


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

He wastes Nothing - My Article in Ergo


Check out my article in Ergo today!



Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Follow Up - Calling all Techies !!

Following the call to all techies to design a website & a logo for AWPT, we received a lot of calls from volunteers from various companies...Thanks to those kind hearts :)
Of which a team of 5 people from infosys approached us with inspiring ideas & infact their response was swift..
We've decided to work with them on this, even am waiting like you guys to see the new website..
Thanks a lot for all of you who responded to this call, I'm sorry We couldn't avail all your services.
I'm sure to keep in touch with rest of the volunteers, your help is always remembered..
Thanks all again

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calling all Techies - My article in Ergo !


Check out my article in today's ERGO. (dated 18th June 2009).
Also, please spread the word for the cause.




Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hats off Vikrant !!!!!

My friend Vikrant lives in Texas. I got introduced to Vikrant when I was working with Frost, I have known this guy for a few years now as a animal lover, but never knew he is so crazy about the cats! In his recent email, Vikrant told me that he also feeds some cats & they follow his up to his office....

I never call him by his name, I always call him "workaholic".....this is not a exaggeration, believe me, this guy sleeps for rarely 4 hours a day :) The one who is online for ever....

I'm so surprised, the guy who once told me he has no time to think even about his marriage , now has time to manage 6 cats!!!!!

Here is a short interview of this cat man :)

Vikrant grooms 3 kittens & 3 big cats in his patio, he says "The young ones are extremely naughty. They like to play with the tail of their mom and even other cats which don't mind it. The other day, they pulled down some towels I had put out for drying in my patio and were happily sleeping on them after playing with them..Then they like to climb on the patio door ( not the glass one, but the oneused to let the wind in and keep mosquitoes etc. out)...I take a thread , tie a small leaf at one end and then drag it on the ground in front of them- they go nuts! "

Best fun..."the young ones like to sleep in the samebowl which they eat from!" Vikrant adds :)

Vikrant has also sent across a few pics...his words are very true...may be even more, but nothing less...

I'm proud to be his friend, I wish all of us should take Vikrant as a inspiration and learn how to devote sometime for our pets too!

All the best Vikrant :) You definitely make a difference...Hats off !!!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome home Sundara....

Sundar @ Sundaran, a cute little monkey (he is really too little...though looks big in pic) has come home a week back..donno where does he come from, but he really gets along well with everyone here...

i dont want to name him as usual Rama, maruthi, hanu, etc. Sundaran is also the name of Lord Anjaneya, an episode in Ramayan was named after him (Sundara Kaandam)

Sundar loves chocolates, bananas, mango, papaya leaves....this guy is a delight to watch :)

just managed to take a few snapsthought of sharing it with you !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Three more Fans needed for AWPT - Please spread a word

Hi all,

Thank you all who supported my previous request for Fans for AWPT's extended shelter.
I heard from Mr. Narasimmamoorthy of AWPT that the animals now sleep more comfortably & peacefully than before. Thank God for that !
Now, they still need 3 more fans (of which one is wall mounted), one would be used for Ramu, a visually challenged monkey & for two other rooms. Ramu is always inside the cage as he cannot be independent, he feels quiet uncomfortable because of the mosquitos & flies as his cage is surrounded by trees & plants.
So, if any of you have new/old fans in working condition, please give a call to AWPT, they will collect it from you. Hope you all know the numbers, anyways, 044-22781381 / 9962968265 / 9941597790

Thank you again

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

AWPT is too busy giving away pups for adoption !!!!

Today was really a wonderful day for AWPT ! Ofcourse very tiring too !

I've been there yesterday, there were lots of new arrival of pups & kittens. To my surprise, today a lot of puppies, more than 10, have been taken by people..

Being a weekday, this is quiet unusual :)

Sundays are really busy as a lot of adoptions happens mostly on sundays.

Anyways, thanks to those kind-hearted people who took puppies, I wish they have a wonderful time & experience with the tiny tots :)

And a lot of kittens have also lined up for adoption, so, if you have an idea of taking a kittie home, please dont wait...just go bring them right today !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Monday, June 8, 2009

AWPT on Animal Campaigns.com - Wish things go well and we could achieve that !!

animalcampaigns.com is a international platform for all animal welfare organisations across the globe to showcase themselves and to raise the appeals and spread a word about the campaigns they run. I never knew so long there is such a platform that could help all animal homes..Great !
I'm very glad to have connected with the animalcampaigns.com team, who have been so considerate to putforth AWPT's appeals & campaigns to the World. I am just working on furnishing a few necessary documents. I wish & pray, this should be another successful attempt to help our animals.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thinking of Adopting a Kitten??? - Here are my tips !

Dear All,
One of our readers Hashir has requested long back to post an article on how to groom a kitten at home...I thought of mailing back Hashir personally, but then If I share it here, it would really be useful for all who visit the page..
Sorry for the delay Hashir...Here we go....

Take TWO, Not one :)

So...are you planning to groom a kitten at home? I suggest you take two kittens, instead of one ! First suggestion that I give everyone....kittens too are emotional, they too need companions..ofcourse we are there, still he/she would need a cat friend too..In a way, taking home 2 kitties is beneficial in many ways...Kittens learn faster and adapt themselves to a new atmosphere when they have a companion..they never feel lonely, they take care of each other....almost 50% of your care is done :) I was fortunate to have 3 kittens at a time...hope you all enjoyed my article in Hindu.

As soon as you pick up your kitten(s), consult your Vet doctor Immediately. If you are not aware of one, please take references from your friends who have pets. Get a general advice from the doctor as well as the vaccination card, please follow the dates strictly, Vaccination is a MUST.


See if your kitten is independent enough to drink milk on its own. If not, you may have to feed him initially with a feeding bottle (or a inkfiller, if the kitten is too small). Donot try feeding them with sharp spoons, they might get hurt. Also hold them firmly, donot hold them tightly or lift them holding their neck. Only the mother cat can do that..not you ! Also, initially feed them once in a hour, till they manage to quench their hunger without your help.
If your cat is capable of drinking milk on his own, then keep the milk bowl in some place and train your kitten to drink from the bowl whenever hungry. Donot change the place of bowl very often.
Also make sure a bowl of fresh water is available through out the day. Donot forget to wash the vessel and change the contents very often.
Start with Milk initially, you can later add Cerelac, nestum, soft buns soaked in milk, cat food, curd rice, etc..upon your Doctor's advice.
Avoid adding sugar, sweets are of no good. Also try adding glucose to their milk often, just to energise them at regular intervals.


Kittens spend almost 18 hours in sleeping and when they are awake, they play, play & play all the time..dont panic if you see them performing stunts & somersaults, donot panic or worry, thats how they play..and if they are two, no doubt you can spend your whole day just watching them. Donot restrict them/cage them, let them free..they never get hurt.
Please Please Please make sure you spend enough time with the kitten, they should always be supported or looked after by some one. so, please make sure that the person who is at home, to take care of them, also wishes to groom the kitten.
Get your kitties some nice plastic balls, dont buy sponge balls, their snarp nails get struck inside the sponge balls, rubber balls are poisonous. Keep away all your mobile chargers, tie up all unwanted wires passing around, remember their first target will be wires. No wall hangings that they could reach. Also avoid soft toys, they may mess up with the fur toys. Please keep laptops out of their reach..if you are ready to replace the keys once in a while, please go ahead :))))
Balls are best all the time. If they have a companion they dont even need one, they keep rolling over each other all the time !
Rubbing their face against your knees, sitting on you lap, pulling your duppatta etc..comes in as they become closer to you. Be ready for everything, you should not later feel irritated of these activities. Do you know your cat can kiss??? YES ! Show your index finger & they kiss your finger..studies say that it is the best reflection of the TRUST cat has towards you :) I'm lucky enough to get atleast 20-25 kisses per day :)

Litter Box

If you are living in a Independent house with a spacious garden, beleive me, no one need to teach your kittens on attending the nature calls..kittens habitually prefer gardens. If you are living in a apartment or any other setting where there is no open space, train your kitten on a litter box from the beginning. Make sure you fill the box with sand, refill the same very often. Once a kitten is trained, donot worry, they never spoil any of your belongings/clothes/bed.


I have never seen any cat looking for a comfortable place to sleep. They prefer cramped shelves and cupboards where they can curtail themselves completely and sleep. You can try some beds/rubber sheets, cats are not like your pups to obey you. They keep changing their sleeping places how much ever comfort you give them.

General behavior:

As I said earlier, cats never, never, never obey you. Infact they are clever enough to tease you by doing exactly what you dont like. So please donot expect any discipline from your cats. they are meant to be that way. Cats often become restless. But try to guess the reason behind.. Cats often scratch the furniture, sharpen the nails, makes a vibrating noise, run around like a mad without any reason..Yes..They are happy. Cats are very determinative in nature. If they decide to catch a rat, trust me, they will. You just cannot control them. They become very restless and tend to scratch you if they miss something/may be when their prey escapes :)


You love cats. They love you inreturn. Attimes, be ready to receive a token of thanks - may be a mice or a lizard...atleast a cockroach ! Dead or alive depends on your luck :) Please donot scold or hurt your cat for this...after all they belong to the tiger family, a predator. Its their nature, when you enjoy, you should be ready for this too !


Cats do deliver several kittens at a time. They usually take care of themselves, its always better to consult your doctor for general advice. Cats usually dont eat or drink milk immediately after delivery. They drink a lot of water..Also they let only trusted people to touch herself and her kittens...so please be aware, donot let strangers near.. Cats also change the kittens to seven different places atleast (approx, my experience)..quiet common..just keep a track, donot try to split them.

Is your cat sick?

Cat is the most cleanliest animal. They clean themselves by licking all over their body regularly. You can notice them doing this atleast 8 to 10 times a day. Regular brushing of their fur is enough, bath is not necessary, unless you are trained to bath your cat from the beginning. And normally cats eat very regularly, you need not run behind them with the milk bowl. If they dont eat properly, or dont lick, or very inactive, they are not alright. The most common illness cats get are indigestion & fever. Donot panic ! PLEASE DONOT TREAT YOUR CAT ON YOUR OWN. CROCIN AND OTHER PARACETAMOL TABLETS KILL THEM. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VET DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. DONOT GIVE THEM ANY MEDICINES WITHOUT CONSULTATION. If possible try to get some basic first aid medicines for your cat. Your Doctor might suggest a best basic medical kit for you !!
Self Medication - God has gifted these animals, the power of identifying precious herbs and treating themselves in case of most common disorders like indigestion. Cats eat grass and vomit , they even eat neam leaves, nothing to worry, they'll be alright.

Pets in Apartments -

I have a couple of suggestions for people who face objections regarding growing pets in the apartments. Train your pets to use the litter box, introduce your pet to your neighbors, especially kids, make them realise that your pet is not furious and they are harmless. Vice versa, let your pet also realise that your neighbors are harmless. Take your pet for a frequest walk outside (incase of dogs), they will feel more irritated if they are caged in your flats most of the time. You have all rights to face the objections lawfully, but this is an issue that requires a lot of change in people's mindset and attitude towards pet love, which I feel only a polite approach will reinforce, than laws !

If you are a person who expects your loved ones to prove their love daily, every minute, I bet, none can do that except your pets..Kittens teach you a lot, and If you are a good learner, please take home a kittie right today, see how your life get transformed !

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Injured kitten needs a home in Bangalore - See if any of you can help Shonali

I got an email from Sriya. See if any of you can help her out?

Dear All, My Bangalore-based friend Shonali has rescued an injured kitten- an adorable, affectionate 3-month-old that's recovering in her house. Am not sure exactly what the injury is but she mentioned that the kitten needs to find a home as it will be hard for it to manage on its own. The last resort is a shelter as it might need special care at least for a little while. My friend is going off to college this Thursday and will not be able to take care of it after that so please let all your friends in Bangalore know. Please try and find a home for the kitten and hopefully there will be a happy ending for both the rescuer and the rescued :-) Pl contact shonalimani@gmail.com directly thanks, sriya

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Dog is back home - Thank you all, Thank you AWPT

Am so delighted to see my chellam back after 4 days.
Kappai is jus back home and she is fine, healthy & normal..
Thank you all for your prayers...
Thanks to AWPT for the treatment they offered...
Thank God !!!


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Monday, June 1, 2009

I pray my dog should recover soon and come back home!!

One of my dogs kappai is sick....she needs to undergo a surgery for tumour...poor dog, she was very co-operative while taking her to AWPT hospital..hope she will undergo surgery tomorrow....i pray God to be with her, give her the strength to face the surgery & come back to me in a very healthy condition..Please pray for her speedy recovery.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So many new acquaintances today !!!!! - thanks to The Hindu article !!!

I'm really surprised to see the overwhelming response for the article published in today's Hindu....

Jay, Padmaselvan, KrishnaPriya, Roshini.....It was nice talking to them, glad to know their attitude towards pet love, helping animals...At times I think the society has become too busy to be considerate towards animals..irritated to see people shooing dogs & cats that does no sin except sleeping in a shady place in their garden....but, am consoled when I come across people like a few with whom I spoke today....I really feel glad to have acquired new friends today...One thing that I found common in all is their readiness to help the animals.."Feel free to knock my doors whenever you need any help" - End of the day that alone give makes me happy..I'm encouraged, and our animals too have so many supporters whom they can rely on !

Thanks to all who expressed their interest to help animals, Thanks to all who encourage me continuously, Thanks to those who got in touch with AWPT and extended their support and help...Thank you all...

Another request to people who comment on my blog - Please leave your email IDs or contact numbers so that I can get in touch with you...I couldn't track the same thro my blog. If you are concerned about the privacy, pls drop a note @ mahaaparthasarathy@gmail.com, I'll get in touch with you !


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Article in "THE HINDU"

HI all,
Check out my article that got published in today's Hindu (dated 27th May). In print edition, its in the pet pals column.Here is the online link !


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, May 22, 2009

New request from AWPT

Hi All,

Am back with a new request this time...
AWPT has rescued a lot of animals recently and as a result, their food needs have also considerably gone up.
Especially lots of Pups & kittens who just live on milk, milk & milk alone !!!!!
They are in need of additional milk packets, preferably milk powder which can be stored and used for some more time.
If any of you are interested in feeding the tiny tots, please call Mrs. Padmavathy @ 22781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790.
They will collect it from you upon a call !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take Woofus Home - Prize Changed to a Life-sized stuffed toy of woofus

Hi all,

Following the controversies regarding the 'take woofus home' contest, landmark has changed their offer, the prize is now a stuffed toy of Woofus...
Thanks to whose who wrote..
Thanks Landmark a lot for respecting our feelings & considering the appeal..
Please drop in a thanks note to the landmark people..

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Explanation from Mr. Lijin Thomas of Landmark....lets wait for the final decision !!

Following the 'Take Woofus Home' I discussed earlier, I wrote to Mr. Lijin Thomas - Head of Marketing of Landmark, who has replied my email as follows

Dear Mahalakshmi,
We sincerely appreciate your concern. We have taken precautions to ensure the Puppy is given the best care. Terms and conditions of the promotion clearly communicate (in posters / entry forms) that the winner will be decided only after assessing the capability of the winner to take care of the puppy in the best possible way.

But since we have received quite a few mails raising the same concern, we will be reevaluating this promotion with the concerned publisher on Monday 18th May 09. We assure you that we will surely take the concerns raised very seriously and will re-work the promotion. Please accept our sincere apologies for hurting the sentiments of many our valuable customers.

Thank you
Lijin Thomas

Thanks for his response, Lets hope for the considerate results.

Will keep you all posted on this

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

‘Take Woofus Home’ contest - Heights of Unethical promotion !!

It is really atrocious on part of Landmark-Tata group to roll out a promotional campaign like this !!!!

Titled "Puppy Love", this is their press release today (pasted below)- it appeared in The Hindu Metro Plus - Saturday May 16.

Puppy love

Take home a Labrador pup

If you love puppies and books, here’s something to interest you. Landmark and Think Big Books organise a contest that allows you to take home a chocolate brown Labrador pup! The contest closes on May 25.To participate in ‘Take Woofus Home’, you have to buy any book in the “Woofus” series, featuring an inquisitive puppy that asks a lot of questions, from any of the Landmark stores in the city, and complete the slogan “I deserve to take Woofus home because.…”. The Woofus series is a set of five picture books for pre-schoolers, written by Reena I. Puri and illustrated by Savio A. Mascarenhas. The winner of the best slogan gets to take home the pup during a book launch on May 29 at Landmark, Citi Centre at 5 p.m. This would be followed by a dramatised book reading.For details, call 2847 7777
There is nothing to wonder if Landmark soon announces "Get a baby free for baby care Books"...
Are puppies meant to be given away as "prize"?
If people prove to be really committed towards growing a puppy, they can walk in to any animal shelter and take home one, not getting one as a free addition for some books.
These promotions literally change the attitude towards animal welfare and I wish Animal Welfare Board tightens its rules so as to avoid these kind of Unethical promotions. Earlier a pug was harassed for a different promotion and now its time for Lab???

Please call the number or write to landmark@vsnl.com, citicentre@landmark-tata.com and lijin@landmark-tata.com asking them to call off the contest and to treat dogs as companion animals as opposed to prizes won at a bookstore


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pets for adoption....Here we go !!!

As promised, this week on, you can check out for "pets for adoption" column.

I'll be updating this every week or every fortnight max..

Please spread a word....you could show them a great place to live.

This week, 3 cute puppies are ready for adoption (check the snaps)...If you like to take them with you, Please call Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT @ 044-22781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790.


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy


What those rescued pups are upto??????


Ofcourse enjoying their stay at AWPT !

Well fed by Mrs. Padmavathy, happy & healthy they are...getting ready for adoption in next two weeks???

look at these photos :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ramu.. A chocolate lover

Ramu is a cute little monkey rescued by AWPT sometime back..Poor little monkey lost his eyesight when he fell down from the tree. He was abandoned by his own mother :(

Ramu is now been treated at AWPT, If any of you like to see Ramu, please pay a visit to AWPT.

Don't forget to take some cadbury chocolates with you..he just loves chocolates :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Two New Puppies rescued

This morning was really a good morning for me :)
Just to recover from my laptop mania, I decided to wake up early for a morning walk today (on Sunday !?!)...Of course I started too with my mom...

On my way, I saw two Tiny (believe me...really tiny) puppies on the road..I searched for their mother dog, she was not around. I checked with the residents nearby about the puppies, they said that they were lying on the road for the past two days and mother dog had abandoned them. I waited for about 30 Minutes for their Mom's arrival, my wait was successful, at last the mother dog came. I fed the mother dog and tried leaving the puppies to her, she gave them a kick and went off..Very sad to see a Mother abandoning her own puppies (I realised little later...Today happened to be the Mother's day). I was in a dilemma whether to take the puppies and handover to AWPT or leave the puppies there for another day , by any chance mother could feed them? I never hesitated to rescue any pup, but the reason for my hesitation then was the condition of those two puppies...Too tiny they are, I was very doubtful whether they can eat independently..Of course Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT has rescued even the just born puppies and fed them with a feeding bottle, but I was quiet hesitant..
At last I made up my mind to take them with me, I gave a call to AWPT immediately. Meanwhile, I tried feeding them, to my surprise, both of them literally fell in to the milk bowl and drank so quickly ...poor puppies, I dont know when they were fed last...To my surprise, Mrs. Padmavathy herself came home and took them. But they are not ready for adoption yet, it will take 15 more days for them to become little self sufficient. Anyways I felt bit releived after handing over the puppies to the right person.
and my morning walk....you know what I'm doing now :) sitting with my laptop to share this with you.....
Check out their snaps :)
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Big Thanks to those kind hearts !!!!!!!

I Just heard from Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT about the overwhelming response to the appeal..... They have almost got around 10 fans now, hope the need will really be fulfilled by this weekend max...I must thank Ergo Once again in this regard, and also to you who listened to my appeal....This energises me....
Spl thanks to Deepa, Pakshi & Ben for their swift response :)
Thanks again...Thanks a lot :)

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You Ergo !!!!!!

My heartfelt thanks to ERGO - a chennai based magazine for youth & special thanks to Ms. Sriya Narayanan , for publishing my appeal. My appeal regarding Fans & Camera for AWPT has been published in today's Ergo. I'm sure this is going to fetch a lot of responses !!!!
Here is the link

Thanks again,

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pets for Adoption !!!!

Are you looking for adopting a puppy or a kitten or any other pets??
Are you a animal lover or a animal welfare activist?
If yes, I would welcome you to Animal Welfare & Protection Trust (AWPT) , chennai.

This veterinary hospital cum shelters is run by Mrs Padmavathi & Mr Narasimmamoorthy, an old couple who has dedicated their lives to animal welfare. Their main aim is to prevent cruelties perpetrated on animals, particularly stray animals and creating public awarness that animals have also a right to live in this world and deserve to be treated in a humane manner. Towards this objective they have taken up animal welfare activities such as rescue and treatment of animals in distress, abandoned animals, animals involved in accidents particularly homeless or stray dogs and cats. Their rescued animals include birds, monkeys, rabbits and even snakes.

Please Visit http://awptrust.co.cc/ for better understanding..

AWPT also gives pups & kittens for adoption.

I will be updating this blog very often and also post photographs of pets for adoption every week....please keep watching my blog for more updates on pets adoption..

Please feel free to contact AWPT at 04422781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790 for your adoption or other Animal welfare activities.

Once again I welcome all of you !!!!!!!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Help us with a Camera??

Dear All,

Am back with a new request now !

A lot of adoptions are happening now....so that's a real good news. Unfortunately, their digital camera was stolen from their shelter a week ago. They used it to take rescue photos for proof (as and when they were happening) to send to the government while asking for funds and also to send pictures to papers for adoption columns every week, which helps speedy adoptions...

AWPT would be grateful to receive a phone camera/digicam which is second-hand or not being used by the owner. She only needs a basic model as the pictures are mostly taken in daylight from close quarters. If you wish to donate one/refer anyone who will be willing to do the same, please donot hesitate to contact

Mrs. Padmavathi @ 044-22781381
or me at 9940026283.

AWPT will collect the camera from you upon a call, so please donot worry about the transporation....



Am a fan of Animals.....but now in need of Fans for them - A special request !

Dear all, Am back with a special request...on behalf of our animals..

I've been associated with AWPT (Animal Welfare & Protection Trust, Chennai), a veterinary hospital cum shelter serving abandoned and sick animals. Please visit http://awptrust.co.cc/ for more details about us.

Everyday nearly 100's of abandoned & stray animals are treated fhere for various illnesses. AWPT has now extended their hospital space by constructing extra sheds so as to accomodate more needy animals. They are in need of some new/old unused ceiling fans (in working condition) for their vet hospital. Since the summer is at its best in chennai, the animals that have underwent surgery & are treated for other illnesses would really need a fan for little relief and speedy recovery..

Am sending this appeal on behalf of our animals. If any of you have any extra unused fans or if you know any kindhearted people who may be willing to donate fans for this noble cause, please let me know.

You can contact, Mrs. Padmavathy788 (New No. 3/140), Kalaingar Karunanidhi Street, Santhoshapuram,(Velacherry - Tambaram Road),Chennai - 601 302,TamilNadu, INDIA. Phone:04422781381/ 9962968265/ 9941597790 or alternatively contact me (9940026283).

Please donot worry about the transportation, AWPT will collect it from you as soon as you give them a call, wherever you are in Chennai. Please spread a word to all animal lovers you know.

Thank you all....
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy