Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Save our tigers" - Will the initiative be extended for protecting all our animals as a whole?

It is heartening to see the Aircel's joint initiative with WWF to save indian tigers. No doubt about Animal welfare activists or any caring individual welcoming the same!
At this moment, I'm pondering about something from yesterday, will this initiative/support be extended only to save animals that has a extinct threat? Some remote village of Tamilnadu has decided to lay electric fencing to prevent elephants entering and spoiling their sugarcane fields. Shocking, but how many really care? So is it enough to care only for tigers?
We keep writing and spreading a word for animals for so many years now....
I wish a similar aggressive campaign is raised soon at an International level aimed at caring for all animals, not just tigers!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please Spread a Word for the Cause

Hi all,

Here is another forwarded appeal from Lets Live Together - Bangalore.
Lets Live Together has comeup with a calendar for the new year 2010 through which they are hopeful to help thousands of homeless puppies find a nice home (more than which, a nice heart).
If any of you knows anyone/any corporate interested in animal welfare, this will help Lets Live Together to a great extent.
You can get in touch with Achala at 09986413916 to place your order.
Read the message below for more information.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Time to grab some cuuuute 2010 calendars......and save homeless puppies:

Hello greetings from Lets Live Together! New year is round the corner..and Christmas is gonna be here soon..its time again for the season of love, colours and gifts..Lets Live Together brings to u a gift full of hope, joy and love for ur dear and near ones...we received fabulous response last year for the calendars. Again this year, Lets Live Together 2010 Calendar's are out.The calendar is full of puppies who have been adopted through Lets Live Together. Who’s lives have changed forever, We are hoping you would support us by buying our Calendars for the New Year to come and help us spread the message of “Joy in Saving Lives” to a larger audience..With each calendar u buy u would help us "save a life".

You could cal 09986413916 to order.

The price of each calendar is Rs 200/- A perfect gift for awaiting the new year Inclusive of courier.Calendars are available in bangalore but could be couried to any location requested.Show Your support for the Homeless Puppies. “You Support can make Miracles Happen”.The money raised will help us save many many more homeless puppies and get them adopted!

do check our blog out to knw more about the work we do for our Indian dogs..Join, support, sponsor us! or write to us at to place ur order.

please spread the word to as many people as u can Lets Live Together is a volunteer helpline in bangalore, formed to help homeless, helpless dogs. The helpline finds homes for homeless pups. Our aim is help humans and animals live in harmony. Humans play an important role in deciding the fate of animals.A service that strives to communicate effectively with people to reach a large number of pups in distress. Ensuring that every pup that finds its way to Lets live together gets help. We have initiated Project “life on the street”, it portrays the life of dogs on the street. ”Our Indian dogs” . We are into Pup adoption and Public awareness.We rescue pups, conduct adoption camps and awareness programs and put up stalls at public gatherings.
please spread the word to as many people as u can

Thank you,
Achala Paani [09986413916]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AWPT has launched a new website!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this not a much awaited news for you readers???
The clue I gave you all last week????
AWPT has successfully(?!) launched its new website on 4th November, 2009.
I now tend to believe that things that faces a lot of hurdles during the initial phase is sure to yield the best results as what is normally expected out of it !
It was really a good experience for me to coordinate this project, am very much happy & satisfied with the outcome.
No one could have done this so well except Clasticon Solutions, I wish to record my sincere thanks to everyone who stood by me during my tough times :-)
Please check out the site & let me know your valuable feedback!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Friday, October 16, 2009

An Animal shelter in Coimbatore needs support - Please spread a word

Dear All,

I received this is as a forwarded appeal, thought this is something that requires immediate attention of animal lovers, especially people in Coimbatore

Abhayam Foundation, (registered trust) an Animal welfare organisation, functioning at Coimbatore is been run by Mr. Ravichandran & his wife who work tirelessly for the needy animals.

Needless to talk about the difficulties faced by the Animal Welfare Organisations, Abhayam is not really exceptional. Mr. Ravichandran deven gone to the extent of selling his house, which indeed is another difficulty for him to find a rented home for himself & his animals. We even come to know that he even buys water for daily use since he lives in a very remote area where is there is no electricity & water facilities. He was a recipient of the Jury's special award from Venu Menon animal allies foundation in the year 2006.

Ravichandran is in dire need of funds to continue his noble service, this is an appeal requesting people to help him immediately financially or whatever forms possible.

I feel it is the responsibility of animal lovers to help these kind of organisation grow, I request interested volunteers who can work for the same, we'll put our heads togather to help Ravichandran- financially, physically, all possible ways for Abhayam to progress? With the help of a genuine co-ordinator in coimbatore?

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Few More Days

I Know I didn't care for my blog for quiet sometime now...
Have got a good news to tell you all...
soon....very soon...
keep your fingers crossed :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CUPA Bangalore's blog featuring Pets for adoption

I'm sure CUPA is not new to many of you...

For my friends & all animal lovers in Bangalore, I refer CUPA's blog & its section on Pets for adoption - this section features all their pets that are ready for adoption in a healthy condition and this section is also been updated very frequently.
Please forward to your friends too...the blog would really be informative & helpful for anyone who wants to take home a new family member :)

Also check out CUPA's website for more information

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Is your Cat Sick? - Article in last week's Metro Plus

Check out my article in last wednesday Metro Plus


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy