Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please Spread a Word for the Cause

Hi all,

Here is another forwarded appeal from Lets Live Together - Bangalore.
Lets Live Together has comeup with a calendar for the new year 2010 through which they are hopeful to help thousands of homeless puppies find a nice home (more than which, a nice heart).
If any of you knows anyone/any corporate interested in animal welfare, this will help Lets Live Together to a great extent.
You can get in touch with Achala at 09986413916 to place your order.
Read the message below for more information.

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

Time to grab some cuuuute 2010 calendars......and save homeless puppies:

Hello greetings from Lets Live Together! New year is round the corner..and Christmas is gonna be here soon..its time again for the season of love, colours and gifts..Lets Live Together brings to u a gift full of hope, joy and love for ur dear and near ones...we received fabulous response last year for the calendars. Again this year, Lets Live Together 2010 Calendar's are out.The calendar is full of puppies who have been adopted through Lets Live Together. Who’s lives have changed forever, We are hoping you would support us by buying our Calendars for the New Year to come and help us spread the message of “Joy in Saving Lives” to a larger audience..With each calendar u buy u would help us "save a life".

You could cal 09986413916 to order.

The price of each calendar is Rs 200/- A perfect gift for awaiting the new year Inclusive of courier.Calendars are available in bangalore but could be couried to any location requested.Show Your support for the Homeless Puppies. “You Support can make Miracles Happen”.The money raised will help us save many many more homeless puppies and get them adopted!

do check our blog out to knw more about the work we do for our Indian dogs..Join, support, sponsor us!
http://www.letslivetogether.wordpress.com/ or write to us at letslivetogether.in@gmail.com to place ur order.

please spread the word to as many people as u can Lets Live Together is a volunteer helpline in bangalore, formed to help homeless, helpless dogs. The helpline finds homes for homeless pups. Our aim is help humans and animals live in harmony. Humans play an important role in deciding the fate of animals.A service that strives to communicate effectively with people to reach a large number of pups in distress. Ensuring that every pup that finds its way to Lets live together gets help. We have initiated Project “life on the street”, it portrays the life of dogs on the street. ”Our Indian dogs” . We are into Pup adoption and Public awareness.We rescue pups, conduct adoption camps and awareness programs and put up stalls at public gatherings.
please spread the word to as many people as u can

Thank you,
Achala Paani [09986413916]