Thursday, July 23, 2009

I will miss you 'Ergo" :(

longtime no see :) long working exercises, no I decided to return home early as Kappa started missing me so much :)

oops...I have a bad news...real bad news for people like me..
Ergo is shutting doors, 31st july would be the last day it seems :) The magazine has anyways promised an online presence..but nothing satisfies like a print edition :) as well, not sure about the sections that would be retained in the online version, am really unhappy about this :(

Ergo's contribution towards AWPT's visibility is simply undeniable...A lot of appeals & requests have reached people and brought more volunteers to AWPT. Ergo helped people like to me to improve their writing skills, no articles sent to ergo remained unpublished. It has been a main source of encouragement for chennai youth to write more...

Anyways, I wish Ergo for a successful online presence and I also request the management to allocate sufficient space for pet columns, this serves the animal welfare community to a greater extent :)


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

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