Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hats off Vikrant !!!!!

My friend Vikrant lives in Texas. I got introduced to Vikrant when I was working with Frost, I have known this guy for a few years now as a animal lover, but never knew he is so crazy about the cats! In his recent email, Vikrant told me that he also feeds some cats & they follow his up to his office....

I never call him by his name, I always call him "workaholic".....this is not a exaggeration, believe me, this guy sleeps for rarely 4 hours a day :) The one who is online for ever....

I'm so surprised, the guy who once told me he has no time to think even about his marriage , now has time to manage 6 cats!!!!!

Here is a short interview of this cat man :)

Vikrant grooms 3 kittens & 3 big cats in his patio, he says "The young ones are extremely naughty. They like to play with the tail of their mom and even other cats which don't mind it. The other day, they pulled down some towels I had put out for drying in my patio and were happily sleeping on them after playing with them..Then they like to climb on the patio door ( not the glass one, but the oneused to let the wind in and keep mosquitoes etc. out)...I take a thread , tie a small leaf at one end and then drag it on the ground in front of them- they go nuts! "

Best fun..."the young ones like to sleep in the samebowl which they eat from!" Vikrant adds :)

Vikrant has also sent across a few pics...his words are very true...may be even more, but nothing less...

I'm proud to be his friend, I wish all of us should take Vikrant as a inspiration and learn how to devote sometime for our pets too!

All the best Vikrant :) You definitely make a difference...Hats off !!!

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

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