Saturday, June 6, 2009

Injured kitten needs a home in Bangalore - See if any of you can help Shonali

I got an email from Sriya. See if any of you can help her out?

Dear All, My Bangalore-based friend Shonali has rescued an injured kitten- an adorable, affectionate 3-month-old that's recovering in her house. Am not sure exactly what the injury is but she mentioned that the kitten needs to find a home as it will be hard for it to manage on its own. The last resort is a shelter as it might need special care at least for a little while. My friend is going off to college this Thursday and will not be able to take care of it after that so please let all your friends in Bangalore know. Please try and find a home for the kitten and hopefully there will be a happy ending for both the rescuer and the rescued :-) Pl contact directly thanks, sriya

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

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  1. @Lakshmi,
    have passed the info to my friends in b'lore. Hope this helps....
    BTW, you promised a post on how to bring up a kitten. am still waiting :(