Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo Session at AWPT....a day worth spent :)

I've been to AWPT on Sunday for a photo session for our new website..

I didn't update you on the status is it?? The previous commitments on the website design didn't turn out well...We are now looking at new teams who have come forward to take up the task..wish we launch the website soon :)

coming back to the point, the sunday session was really fun-filled and that's the day I understood the seriousness & the difficulty of running a animal welfare organisation...

While Ramu was driving us crazy without posing for the photos, there are a couple of dogs who always feel excited about posing..they are so excited to see the cameras, lovely animals...check out their'll know its true :)

We spent four full hours in photo memorable it was for me :)

I even happened to witness a few emergency cases treated by AWPT's doctors...Guys...i felt bad about myself for seeking rest on sundays :) These doctors work tirelessly 24x7 for animals..God Bless them!!
Check out a few snaps of the occasion
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy


  1. it is heartwarming to see the animals being taken care of and loved!

  2. /2Mahalakshmi,
    what happened to my proposal mam?

  3. Hashir, hold on for another week!!
    Please :)