Friday, May 22, 2009

New request from AWPT

Hi All,

Am back with a new request this time...
AWPT has rescued a lot of animals recently and as a result, their food needs have also considerably gone up.
Especially lots of Pups & kittens who just live on milk, milk & milk alone !!!!!
They are in need of additional milk packets, preferably milk powder which can be stored and used for some more time.
If any of you are interested in feeding the tiny tots, please call Mrs. Padmavathy @ 22781381 or 9962968265 or 9941597790.
They will collect it from you upon a call !

Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy



  1. Hi Mahalakshmi, I love cats, dogs and almost all ani-buddies but snakes and crocs are scary!! Anyways, i would like to share Rs.1000 now and whatever and whenever I can. I know this is just pittance but this is what I could share now. So how do I do this?

  2. Ok! I just called Mrs. Padmavathy and got the info. She said she would send someone to collect the money. Hey! You guys are doing a great job and I wish you all the very best. I will monetarily support whenever I can. Thanks.

  3. Hi Maha, as a new member, firstly, I would like to do something for AWPT. Found your latest request posted on May 22 for milk powders. Will buy some milk powders and i will be ready with the same on Sunday (May 31). I will be at home on sunday. Can I call Mrs.Padmavathy and ask her collect it from me??