Saturday, May 16, 2009

‘Take Woofus Home’ contest - Heights of Unethical promotion !!

It is really atrocious on part of Landmark-Tata group to roll out a promotional campaign like this !!!!

Titled "Puppy Love", this is their press release today (pasted below)- it appeared in The Hindu Metro Plus - Saturday May 16.

Puppy love

Take home a Labrador pup

If you love puppies and books, here’s something to interest you. Landmark and Think Big Books organise a contest that allows you to take home a chocolate brown Labrador pup! The contest closes on May 25.To participate in ‘Take Woofus Home’, you have to buy any book in the “Woofus” series, featuring an inquisitive puppy that asks a lot of questions, from any of the Landmark stores in the city, and complete the slogan “I deserve to take Woofus home because.…”. The Woofus series is a set of five picture books for pre-schoolers, written by Reena I. Puri and illustrated by Savio A. Mascarenhas. The winner of the best slogan gets to take home the pup during a book launch on May 29 at Landmark, Citi Centre at 5 p.m. This would be followed by a dramatised book reading.For details, call 2847 7777
There is nothing to wonder if Landmark soon announces "Get a baby free for baby care Books"...
Are puppies meant to be given away as "prize"?
If people prove to be really committed towards growing a puppy, they can walk in to any animal shelter and take home one, not getting one as a free addition for some books.
These promotions literally change the attitude towards animal welfare and I wish Animal Welfare Board tightens its rules so as to avoid these kind of Unethical promotions. Earlier a pug was harassed for a different promotion and now its time for Lab???

Please call the number or write to, and asking them to call off the contest and to treat dogs as companion animals as opposed to prizes won at a bookstore


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy



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  2. hey maha, gr8 efforts there!! the organizers of this event deserve this for announcing such a prize.......they have surely learnt their lesson!!!


  3. Hi Mahalakshmi, the launch was held without any little puppy being given away as a gift. That was not the idea when Woofus was written. The series is meant to raise awareness in very small kids about companion animals and there place in this world.The winner of the contest was given a stuffed toy puppy.