Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two New Puppies rescued

This morning was really a good morning for me :)
Just to recover from my laptop mania, I decided to wake up early for a morning walk today (on Sunday !?!)...Of course I started too with my mom...

On my way, I saw two Tiny (believe me...really tiny) puppies on the road..I searched for their mother dog, she was not around. I checked with the residents nearby about the puppies, they said that they were lying on the road for the past two days and mother dog had abandoned them. I waited for about 30 Minutes for their Mom's arrival, my wait was successful, at last the mother dog came. I fed the mother dog and tried leaving the puppies to her, she gave them a kick and went off..Very sad to see a Mother abandoning her own puppies (I realised little later...Today happened to be the Mother's day). I was in a dilemma whether to take the puppies and handover to AWPT or leave the puppies there for another day , by any chance mother could feed them? I never hesitated to rescue any pup, but the reason for my hesitation then was the condition of those two puppies...Too tiny they are, I was very doubtful whether they can eat independently..Of course Mrs. Padmavathy of AWPT has rescued even the just born puppies and fed them with a feeding bottle, but I was quiet hesitant..
At last I made up my mind to take them with me, I gave a call to AWPT immediately. Meanwhile, I tried feeding them, to my surprise, both of them literally fell in to the milk bowl and drank so quickly ...poor puppies, I dont know when they were fed last...To my surprise, Mrs. Padmavathy herself came home and took them. But they are not ready for adoption yet, it will take 15 more days for them to become little self sufficient. Anyways I felt bit releived after handing over the puppies to the right person.
and my morning know what I'm doing now :) sitting with my laptop to share this with you.....
Check out their snaps :)
Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

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