Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So many new acquaintances today !!!!! - thanks to The Hindu article !!!

I'm really surprised to see the overwhelming response for the article published in today's Hindu....

Jay, Padmaselvan, KrishnaPriya, Roshini.....It was nice talking to them, glad to know their attitude towards pet love, helping animals...At times I think the society has become too busy to be considerate towards animals..irritated to see people shooing dogs & cats that does no sin except sleeping in a shady place in their garden....but, am consoled when I come across people like a few with whom I spoke today....I really feel glad to have acquired new friends today...One thing that I found common in all is their readiness to help the animals.."Feel free to knock my doors whenever you need any help" - End of the day that alone give makes me happy..I'm encouraged, and our animals too have so many supporters whom they can rely on !

Thanks to all who expressed their interest to help animals, Thanks to all who encourage me continuously, Thanks to those who got in touch with AWPT and extended their support and help...Thank you all...

Another request to people who comment on my blog - Please leave your email IDs or contact numbers so that I can get in touch with you...I couldn't track the same thro my blog. If you are concerned about the privacy, pls drop a note @, I'll get in touch with you !


Mahalakshmi Parthasarathy

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